Three Types of Feedback

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Good instruction provides learners opportunities to practice the objectives (sometimes called learning objectives, performance objectives, behavioral objectives). Practice without feedback is futile.  Here is the takeaway, instruction should provide practice opportunities and practice opportunities must include feedback.  Mager (2012) described three types of feedback–

  1. Adequacy feedback tell a learner if his or her performance is acceptable
  2. Diagnostic feedback tells a learner what is wrong with his or her performance
  3. Corrective feedback tells a learner how to improve his or her performance

Mager, R.F. (2012). Making instruction work. Carefree AZ:  Mager Associates, Inc.

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  1. LOL. I am now aware of the terms but I do agree. Too many managers (and leaders) based feedback on the emotions of the moment or in a rush. Many employees can be turned into confident and productive assets with proper coaching, mentorship and balanced feedback.

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