This Is NOT Jeopardy!

The goal of assessment is to measure the extent to which learning objectives have been mastered. That being said, assessment items should be inextricably tied to either module or course-level objectives. Assessments should not include items that require recall of random facts from readings, videos, or other instructional materials. This is NOT Jeopardy; your course or module is a unique instructional unit that contains content and learning activities that will enable learners to do something they could not do before; therefore, assessment items should provide a valid measure of the leaner’s attainment of learning objectives: not his or her ability to recall random even abstruse material from a course or module.

A good practice for developing assessment items that are tied to learning objectives is to create a table with two columns, learning objective and assessment item, and as many rows as you have learning objectives.  Row by row, write a learning objective in the learning objective column and a corresponding assessment item you develop in the assessment item column. To test the validity and clarity of your assessment item, give the assessment items to a colleague and ask him or her to guess the corresponding objectives.

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