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Training Needs Assessment:

Training is not always the correct solution for a performance problem, but when training is the solution, we determine the skills and information needed to improve performance.

Performance Analysis:

We conduct comprehensive analyses to determine if a performance problem is caused by lack of skills/information, motivation/incentive, environmental factors, or assignment/selection factors

Job Analysis:

A thorough Job Analysis will reveal the major outputs and tasks associated with a job. Job Analysis is important for accurate job descriptions and the validation of instructional and training materials. 

Task Analysis:

Step-level data collection for major tasks associated with a job is required in order to develop accurate instructional and training materials.

Instructional Development:

We develop measurable learning objectives and instructional content, activities, and assessments aligned to the learning objectives.

Job Aids and Performance Interventions:

We develop performance supports– how-to-guides, checklists, mnemonic devices– which assist efficient and effective performance.

Evaluation of Program/Processes/Training:

Evaluation is built into our instructional design and performance improvement processes. Formative evaluation–before the product is finished– and summative evaluation– after the product has been used by the target population– promote continuous improvement and extraordinary outcomes.

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