Projects and Work Samples

Instructional Material Development

I was given a brief write-up on a topic and asked to create an instructor guide from the write-up that could be used by inexperienced volunteer trainers. I developed measurable learning objectives, and used Gagne’s Nine Events of Instruction as an organizing framework to create an instructor guide that is amenable to both lay and experienced trainers. I developed script and created mnemonic devices; activities; instructional aids; and assessment items.

Performance Qualification Standard (PQS) Development

coast guard logoThe Flight Safety Officer (FSO) Performance Qualification Standard (PQS) Development Project involved working with the results from a New Performance Planning Front End Analysis and with Flight Safety SMEs to develop content and job aids for a PQS workbook. The PQS workbook will be used by Coast Guard personnel assigned to the FSO billet and will serve as critical content knowledge and performance helps to the new FSO before he/she attends formal schooling for the billet.

I served as project lead and consulted with SMEs to assist in the development of  five units of instruction that were sound from an instructional design perspective. I created job aids designed to assist the FSO candidate with task performance and the accomplishment of objectives outlined in the front end analysis.  My unique contributions to the project included the development of twelve job aids, the development of learning checks embedded throughout the units, the development of task sign-off criteria for all of the objectives throughout the five units, and instructional design technical expertise.

CA 110 Project- Online Public Speaking Course Redesign using Adobe Captivate 7

microphoneThe CA 110 project was led by the director of the University of South Alabama Innovation in Learning Center and communications instructors at the University. The purpose of the project was to improve an online public speaking course by making the course more interactive. Captivate 7 was used to create interactive presentations that would appeal to students enrolled in the online public speaking course. As an Instructional Design and Development graduate student, I served as Captivate specialist.

Quality Matters Reviews

As a certified Quality Matters Peer Reviewer, I use the Quality Matters Higher Education Rubric to review online and blended courses.

Work Samples


A How-to Guide created to assist faculty and staff with integrating iclickers with University Learning Management System.

iclicker Integration How-to Guide

How-to Guide created to show faculty and staff how to use Resources tool in USAOnline

Resources How-to Guide


While an Instructional Design and Development graduate student, I participated in an Instructional Design and Development service-learning project. The project involved the development of study materials for individuals preparing to take the GED. I created a module on multiplying and dividing fractions.

Multiplying and Dividing Fractions







I used my instructional design training to assist a ministry in my church recruit volunteers.

Recruiting storyboard for Media Ministry

storyboard snip